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It doesn't matter where you are, I'm a phone call away. There are lots of phone sites out there, but I do not work for them because I can schedule an hour for a set price. A lot of 'novice' psychics do not have 31 years of gifting wisdom from Spirit on Relationships, Career, and Purpose! I will not waste your time or predict something silly.

$55 for an hour


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phone calls done by a real person who has been working on her gifts of the psychic for 30 years. No hidden charges. No taking your power away, but true guidance from spirit.

























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 Nobody Wears Orange Color is the most healing force on the planet

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Ancient Aliens this book contains the answers to your questions

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(see video of Tamar on this page) "The Awakening"



Visionary Art Gallery

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Star Children, Indigo's, Crystal Children, Support


Are Psychics Really Weenies and Discerning Prediction

Meditation: Healing Yourself While Viewing Egyptian Art

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How to Communicate What You Desire

Past life proof past life sessions on your patterns Tamar's "what's happening in Pittsburgh site"

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30 years experience

being a professional psychic coach in Pittsburgh, Pa


Ten years channeling the book































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