crystal children, indigo children, rainbow children, guardian children, star children, children of the light, these are all names for highly developed spiritual souls, who are our children.

(As reported on TV)

Who are these children and what are they here to do?

Good Morning America. Nov 21, CNN. Nov 19, 2005

Written from notes watching this show. (not saying all this information is accurate) "Indigo Children are known for their deep blue auras which surround them. Some Indigo children are known for their intense blue eyes. The light shines out and around them. These children have been born in the last ten years. Indigo children have high IQ's, are highly accomplished, deeply spiritual, tend to be rebellious and oversensitive.

They have heightened intuition or psychic ability's. They often talk about speaking with angels or people who have died. They will be giving our medical profession and our school systems a difficult time, because they don't fit what is considered normal. In recent years the indigo phenomenon has made it's way into books. There's a movie out, and lots of web sites. A doctor says; "I think we are seeing children that seem to be way advanced for their years or sensitive to certain things in their environment. This doctor goes on to say, I have been a physician since 1969 and I don't remember being aware of children like this 30 years ago. I don't believe we can just reject something because we are not sure of it. The next thing that was discuss is whether these kids are ADD, or autistic or have another disorder. Or is it all connected? Or are their gifted children here on Earth at this time for a reason.

More insight by George: What is the truth about Indigo children and whether they are ADD, autistic, gifted or mislabeled?

Indigo children are Graduates, Star children, Children of Light. These are just labels. I like the label Star Children. Because Star children affirms a brighter term for indigo's and crystal children. All these labels can have crystal energy or ascended energy around them. There is no exact science to who IS WHO and who has what frequency of vibration.

Big picture: We are all One. Earth Picture: Star children are volunteers. They didn't come in on the wheel of karma. (what is karma?) baggage from past lives, issues not learned yet. However star children have engaged in the drama of the wheel of the initiations. But they graduated, they are in the last initiation of Ascension. Which means the last of the lessons as leaders, teachers, way showers. Most of the star children have been here many times and completed wisdom in some or all of the three experiments of Earth.

Star Children are the hope of this next go round of humanity in the Aquarian Age. As we all are, the hope of the Golden Age of Humanity. A lot of them remember their past lives.

Star children came in this lifetime at the Initiation of Ascension. Star children have returned to be in service. They will turn their parents life upside down. They won't be satisfied with Earth Ego stuff. They will question their parents motives, their teachers reasoning, they will be rebellious. They will 'know' the inconsistency's in your life and the systems of the world. Their eyes will be a hard mirror to look into.

Doesn't mean they won't have lessons; Being in form always means there are relationship issues to deal with. But Star Children will accomplish more instead of being bogged down only by their lessons. That's a big difference. Am I jealous or should anyone else be jealous of these children? No, because it's the choice of each spirit to choose to work at the level they are and work on your own graduation, (to carve a path in the jungle) so it will be easier for others who are walking behind or beside you.

For star children, all of us can help them to be accepted in a world that would think them different. Different of course from what?

When I merge with these Star children I see each has come with different passions. One has come to clean the water, or build the new economic systems. Others have come to distribute goods and services. Other have come to Unite, to Lead, to Teach, to Heal, to build the new cities of Light.


These new cities of Light are different from a world full of greed? A world that isn't working?

Humanity right now tends to justify, make excuses and act like they are responsible when they are not.

Star children have a hard time eating meat. Meat holds these children's energy down, they become angry easier, they take on the energy of that cows death, (in this society that isn't nice energy) ...meat puts a ceiling on their creativity and on their intuition. Why? Because they are light...Light as in pure rays of a crystal exploding the seven colored rays in sunlight!

Meat is the next kingdom to human kingdom and it contains similar animal energy to our animal energy. Meat was the old way of doing things, feeding reptilian brains. For the average human if they stop eating meat they won't have great intuition, insight or any passion to save the world. However the Star children will remember more, find their levels of genius.

Do NOT GIVE Star Children any type of Fluoride, this stunts the Pineal gland which is the JOY of the SOUL. Children are happy and then the Pineal becomes calcified as we get older and the JOY IS GONE!

Star children's energy vibrates at a higher level. They vibrate at a higher light. Some of these children will be able to see their own aura or your aura around your body. Just as an example (( to key in what I'm trying to say)) you could see an aura around Jesus!

That is why when you teach them you will teach them about plant life, they learn that plants have light. You can talk to a plant. It has what you need.

Star children are very very smart and get bored easily, which will get them into trouble. Star children need positive stimulation.

Star children need art, philosophy, stories, adventure, make believe, acting, singing, music, connection to all things as energy, as in Source connection. The ability to know they can manifest. Star children will not work with old dogma, old prejudices, fear based beliefs.


Question from a reader. "I'm confused, are there different types of kids. I read about rainbows, crystal and indigo"? Answer: We are humans that really like to put things into boxes. We make it linear. It is like saying everyone that is born under the sign of Libra is alike. No, that is not true at all. They have a few traits that are similar but they are different. We can generalize but not make rules, because their will always be the exception. What matters is star children, are high frequency beings of love.


Question: Are children with mental difficulty's star children?

Answer: Yes, some are and some aren't. Star children can choose great difficulty (so they can be great teachers) and then they might choose to help heal or make a difference with that particular disease. but try to lump any star child or human into (if it is this and not this) category is not possible. Because the soul makes it's own choices what to put into it's very own Blueprint. A blueprint is what it wants to accomplish this life and what it will need to accomplish that. The question to ask is what is this child teaching themselves and me? What am I learning that I need to learn.

Some of the choices a soul makes when choosing mild or severe mental difficulty, is the child is choosing to reflect the society in which it lives. The need of the World right now is to move forward and it is not moving forward. It appears to be living in brain malfunction. So some star children will choose to mirror that. But the handicap won't keep them down. They will find ways and have a sense of love that is greater -more...

This world's society is soooooooooo brain slow right now. It is still living with old ways of doing things. The majority of people on this planet are acting as if they only have animal instincts. I didn't say everyone in the world, there are many individuals living as part of the solution and not part of the problem. What are animal instincts. Security issues. I won't have enough. I'm not enough...........(fill in blank)

The soul who chooses to be born with mental difficulties is exerting it's own free will, and that soul also chooses the genetic function of the family it is coming into. This is not something that is done to them by a cruel Universe. Some of these souls will be constantly seeking and can have an easier integration with help. ...or they will create their own world to be in. And of course the help can be, regulating their chemical intake, what they eat and drink and breathe.

If your wanting to know more about autism, I have information that would be helpful, such as exercises to help the brain. You have to be opened to "psychic information" as help for the brain. Which means you have to be opened like a star child.




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